The NET-RAPIDO project will be joining the Negative Emissions Technology panel discussion at the 12th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE2020) on December 10th, 16:00-17:00 (GMT+1).

To join us on Zoom, open the Zoom application on your appliance, click ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter the following information:

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Even as the deployment of carbon free energy and industrial technologies accelerates, it seems increasingly likely that the world will overshoot allowable carbon dioxide emissions required to keep global warming below the 2°C target. This panel will discuss some of the possibilities around the deployment of negative emissions technologies (NETs), which might provide a path to mitigate carbon emissions from sectors that prove hardest to decarbonize, while also helping to restore atmospheric CO2 levels to more manageable levels. Panelists will address several promising technologies for net zero or negative emissions in the energy generation, shipping, and industrial materials sectors, as well as discuss the interaction between negative emissions technologies and various carbon pricing schemes.


  • Dr. Fabian Levihn – Head of R&D at Stockholm Exergi
  • Hanna-Mari Ahonen – Senior Consultant, Climate Policy and Carbon Markets, Perspectives and NET-RAPIDO project member
  • Prof. Jess F. Adkins – Professor of Geochemistry and Global Environmental Science, Caltech
  • Dr. Cody Finke – Co-founder and CEO of Brimstone Energy

Moderator: Neil Fromer – Executive Director for Programs, Resnick Sustainability Institute at Caltech.

See the rest of the event program here and stay tuned for the event summary that will be posted on our webpage here!