Last December, the NET-RAPIDO project organised its first events at the COP25 conference in Madrid, gathering representatives from technology developers, civil society, research institutions and governments.

The first event Negative Emissions: The Emerging Debate, co-hosted with the Principality of Liechtenstein as an official UNFCCC side event, was held on 4th December. Moderated by Andrzej Blachowicz from Climate Strategies, the event gathered presenters  from technology developers, civil society and academia. Results from NET-RAPIDO’s exploration of the Paris Agreement provisions for carbon removals were shared by Matthias Honegger.

On the 6th December, the project consortium organised a smaller event at the COP25’s Nordic Pavilion. Titled Negative Emissions: Dialogue on Enabling Frameworks, the event was held in a more interactive format, with a significant portion of the time allocated to questions and remarks from participants.

Both events had good levels of attendance and achieved the purpose of raising awareness on the debate on carbon removal, while convening diverse perspectives on carbon removals and presenting for the first time to the public the objectives of NET-RAPIDO.


Presentations at Negative Emissions: The Emerging Debate (4th December 2019)